"Made in Italy" - The Cost of Cachet

The words ‘made in Italy’ conjure up some pretty special emotions. It always went hand in hand with quality, prestige and talent. Globalization has a lot to answer for in terms of what is made where. The tags we associate with items isn’t always connected to reality in the way we expect.

If we buy something with the tag ‘made in Italy’ on the label, then we fully expect the product to have been made in Italy. But the global world has changed somewhat. Products can be made much more cheaply elsewhere and then finished in Italy. It’s not what people expect when they look for that label – they think it represents quality. And it should.

This Psychology Today article talks about what that term has actually come to mean in the modern world. “Authenticity, quality, and prestige were part and parcel to the “Made in Italy” moniker. But this legacy is being challenged as the global appetite for luxury goods increases and companies strive to meet these demands by any means necessary.”

That’s why you need to look for manufacturers you can trust. At YourMadeInItaly.com, we look for the artisan makers who will produce something truly special. There’s no future for us in having mass-produced items that you can find anywhere and everywhere. Our passion is to find you amazing low production run items while looking after the local producers.

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