Buying Your First Leather Jacket Is a Black Girl Rite of Passage

Looking for a leather jacket for the first time is something laced with excitement and anticipation. Leather is one of those materials that does something no other can. It has the feeling of luxury and a connection to the natural world that simple fabrics just can’t come close to. And the rite of passage of buying your first leather jacket is something many of us have gone through as we reach maturity.

And that’s why we work with leather at It just has a texture and a pleasure that brings a smile to the face of millions of people across the world. People in the know appreciate everything that leather brings.

This Elle article talks you through the journey of a black woman and her first leather purchase. “Leather jackets were new as a status symbol for my mom’s generation, the new power suit. The Black Panthers had set the association between leather jackets and rebellious black cool, and that became part of the popular imagination.”

The way leather looks and feels is one of a kind. There aren’t any other materials that can do this. Working with leather is an absolute pleasure. Wearing it should be exactly the same.

How about you? Do you remember your first leather jacket? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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