Delvaux the Luxury Leather Handbag Brand that Makes Leather Look Like Fabric

Design is something that comes naturally to us Europeans. We just have a natural instinct for what looks great. And European designers have led the world in terms of design innovation, especially in the fashion world. When you think about high fashion, it will usually be a European brand more often than not.

We love to see the design world take a new look at a classic item. Christina Zeller has taken a fresh look at the handbag. This has been a mainstay of the fashionista for generations. Leather has been the material of choice for the handbag as it is durable and looks great.

This The National article sees the little details that us Europeans push for all the time, stating, “The collection is full of other hidden symbols for its buyers to discover and delight in. A handle echoes the outlines of a bowler hat; a bag is finished with a discreet Golconda lining; pouches play the trompe-l’oeil trick; and a leather-encased lock alludes to the artist’s keyhole motif.”

Zeller has taken luxury brand Delvaux into a new arena with the leather handbag that looks like it is fabric. The idea behind the handbag is that it still carries those durable qualities while embracing other influences. The artist Rene Magritte is a major influence with the current Delvaux range. Of course, Magritte and Delvaux are both from Belgium, one of Europe’s fashion hotbeds. We love the way this fashion brand has taken the use of leather to a new level. We are leather aficionados, as you will see from our products. Let’s all celebrate these wonderful items made from this wonderful material.

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