Italian Sports Cars

Design and beauty are often in the eye of the beholder. But every eye in the world appreciates the sheer brilliance and beauty of a classic Italian sports car. You might be forgiven for thinking the golden age of Italian car manufacturing is happening now. Ferrari and Lamborghini cars are coveted the world over. But connoisseurs of motors know that the real golden age was the 1950’s and 60’s. That’s when cars that stand the test of tome were built. Looking at some of the prices, you can see why these cars are seen as classics.

This Robb Report article tells the story, “A Ferrari 250 GTO, made from 1962 to 1964 and today worth between $40 million and $80 million, was purchased in 1977 by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason for £35,000 (about $60,000). Carroll Shelby couldn’t give his race-worn Shelby Daytona coupes away for $7,000 each when they became uncompetitive by 1967. Today, any of those original six is worth up to $30 million.”

Now money isn’t the only measure of value, but buying quality pays off in the end. Having items that are well made and crafted by experts means you get something you can appreciate for many years. And they hold their value much better than cheaper alternatives. That’s what we deliver. believes in the same values as those car designers of the 50’s and 60’s. Buy quality and buy once.

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