Tips and Suggestions - Train Travel - Italy 2019

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then train travel might help you get around. Italy has so much to offer from cities to museums, ancient sites and beautiful countryside. You could hire a car, but some of the Italian cities are very busy. Others, like Venice are pretty much inaccessible by car. This is where using the train is perfect for the traveler in Italy. There are so many options to think about.

This Italy Magazine blog talks about train travel in the country incredibly well, “There’s a greater sense of ‘going native’ on holiday when you take the decision to travel like a local, not to hire a car or join a package holiday, but to let the train take the strain. Of course, it all looks straightforward, but occasionally things can go wrong – and even if the challenge is quite fun, a few tips can save confusion and frustration. First, an up-to-date summary about rail travel this year, then a few suggestions, both popular destinations and curious less well-known journeys.”

Traveling around a country like Italy is a hugely exciting thing. The country is filled with delights. The article talks about places such as Rome, Venice, Loreto and Sardinia but there are so many more places to see. Italy is the land of fashion and design. See them all in style on the train.

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