Brunello Cucinelli Solomeo Revitalization

Us Italians love to support each other. When someone starts a venture, it gets the whole community going. Umbria typifies this. When Brunello Cucinelli started his business in Solomeo over 40 years ago, he could have predicted that the people around him would support all he did. It’s just the Italian way. Italians love to produce things that are beautiful, crafted and unique. Then other Italians (and the rest of the world) love to buy these beautiful things.

And this InStyle article states that, “For decades, Cucinelli, who turned 65 on Monday, has invested millions of dollars in the revitalization of Solomeo, beginning with the medieval castle and fortress atop Solomeo, and continuing with renovating or removing the dilapidated factories and warehouses that once blotted the landscape below. He has planted fields of sunflowers, opened a state-of-the art factory where large workspaces suggest a vastly democratic hierarchy, constructed a winery that will someday produce Brunello Cucinelli vintages, and most recently erected a striking monument made of travertine marble.”

It is a wonderful thing to see people come together like this. Cucinelli has looked after the people. The people have looked after him. As the world looks to Italy as a lead in fashion and design, people like the marvelous Cucinelli step forward. It’s the Italian way.

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