Chiara Ferragni Social Media Success

Chiara Ferragni is all-Italian. She’s a brand ambassador that feels self-empowerment is a vital part of the everyday life of Italy’s most famous influencer. In the modern-day world, we can all be influenced on social media whether we like it or not. There is a great deal going on in the world that didn’t exist a few short years ago. Being part of that world can look like a lonely place at times from the outside. But that’s not always the case.

This Harper’s Bazaar article talks about the empowered side of the social media world. Rather than being a slave to other people’s opinions, it can be an amazing platform to express your own ideas about the world. The piece states, Pomellato CEO Sabina Belli. “She invented a job that didn’t exist, and her message is powerful: It is up to each of us to break the glass ceiling to live the life that we imagine.” The 31-year-old new mother is happy to return the compliment.

“Pomellato’s values really resonate with me,” says Ferragni, whose son, Leo, just turned one. “I believe it’s possible to be both a boss and a mom—just keep working toward everything you dreamed you’d do.”

You see, Ferragni is working alongside high-end Italian jeweler Pomellato to promote their brand. Being an influencer with a large following means you can talk to others about what you love. The article is a really interesting read and shows how fashion can influence people for the better.

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