Gucci Chime for Change Gender Equality

The world is a much-changing place. Embracing the ideas and ideals of each generation means we love in greater harmony. Generation Z, those born between the mid 90’s and the mid 2000’s, have a much more liberal view of many aspects of life. They choose to live in a freedom. It is great to see global fashion brands embrace this.

This Marie Claire article quotes “Gucci is proud to reaffirm our commitment to a more just and equitable world," says Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri. "Achieving gender equality is critical to securing our collective future, and we are dedicated to leveraging our creative power, global employee engagement, and support for non-profit projects to ignite conversation and help empower the next generation of leaders."

It is part of our society that we accept others for who they are. You can trust a major brand like Gucci to lead the way here. Their slogan ‘To Gather Together,’ typifies a brand that has been at the forefront of society for generations. And they will be there for generations to come. Here at, we feel exactly the same way.

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