Moncler Genius: a Luxury Skiwear Brand's Mission to Reinvent the Model

It has been a long journey for fashion brand Moncler, from being taken over by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini way back in 2003. When a season feels like a long time in the fashion industry, that amount of time is an eternity. But Ruffini understands the business of fashion, becoming a billionaire in the process. The brand has long been associated with skiwear and activewear.

The latest project, entitled Moncler Genius, is looking at a new way of working. Let’s take a look at how this CNN Style article explains –

“The Moncler Genius project, first unveiled at Milan Fashion Week last year, tossed aside the idea of appointing a single creative director to helm a brand. Instead, it advocates a relatively novel approach: asking multiple creative directors to work for the same brand, creating their own individual collections that are released on a rolling calendar.

This model blends the idea of fashion collaborations (which, typically, only produce one-off products that sell for a limited time) and "drop" culture (regular limited-edition items that are hyped online and released to the most loyal customers). The brand can now market new items on a monthly basis, instead of -- as was the case for Moncler in times past -- seasonally in accordance with the annual fashion week schedule.”

It's always refreshing to see others make things in small batches for discerning clients. That’s the way we look at our work with Long live the Moncler Genius!!

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