Is It Time for Sustainable Fashion?

There is only one planet. We can’t keep on using up the precious resources we have without thinking about the future. Fashion designer Lola Faturoti looked at the impact her business was making on the world around her. The research shows that less than 1% of the world’s clothing is recycled. A scary statistic. Making clothes from sustainable sources is part of a brighter future.

Lola decided that she couldn’t be a part of this. She decided to recycle what she saw rather than making from new. The OZY article says, “Faturoti is among a growing set of designers across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas who are embracing upcycling as their production method, turning zero-waste and sustainable fashion into an approach that even followers of high-end fashion are increasingly finding they can’t ignore.”

That’s the same way we see the planet. Many of our products are hand made by artisans from traditional, sustainable materials such as leather. Rather than see the leather be wasted as part of the food production cycle, it is used to craft beautiful items just for you.

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Lola Faturoti

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