Furla Has No Plans To Sell

Italian fashion is a wonder to behold. Italian’s just have an innate sense of style. That’s why their fashion houses spring up one minute and are worth a small fortune the next. Take Furla, the handbag maker that has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. It has doubled revenues over the last 4 years, reaching a staggering 500 million Euros plus.

This has seen them the subject of much speculation in the fashion industry. Many would just take the cash and run. Not an Italian! We want to carry on our creative passion, not walk away with the cash.

The Business Of Fashion website article reports directly from the founder “We are heavily courted and that is undoubtedly gratifying: they are important names, they offered us a lot of money. But right now, the idea is to carry on as it is," Giovanna Furlanetto said in an interview.

That’s just what you get when dealing with an Italian! It’s important to be true to the brand and make sure the vision is there for all to see. And that’s why Furla have been so successful. YourMadeInItaly.com run on the same principles. We aren’t in this for the money. It is all about the way our products look. The passion we have for what we do can be seen in very single product you get from us. It’s the Italian way.

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