Future-facing Luxury Fashion for a Brave New You

Many a word has been written and said about the future of fashion. We are told that tech, new materials and outrageous designs are in store for us in the coming years. Actually, the evidence is that high quality fashion will be here to stay forever.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment. From the rocky tenure of Donald Trump in the United States to a much-changing Europe, we can see a future that could be seen as bleak. But that is the time to create a completely new outlook on life. And fashion can be at the heart of this.

The Financial Review article looks at high quality designers (including many Italian fashion houses) to a happy vision of the future. It quotes: “against a vast, unknown future, fashion provides a shield. Pair jersey with leather and vinyl with silk as you prepare for a brave new you.”

And that’s the way we think at YourMadeInItaly.com. Great design can make you feel like there is an amazing future out there. When the world gets you down, don’t follow the crowd. Create a brave you new – and see where this takes you.

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