Prada Stops End of Season Markdowns to Protect Brand Margins

Sometimes a brand is far too valuable to risk. If you have a product that is high-end, then the last thing you want is for it to lose some of that lustre. Prada has looked to stop anything that diminishes the absolute quality of what they produce. Firstly, they look to stop fake items entering the market. After that, they have looked to stop marking down products at the end of the season. After all, Prada’s products are fashionable forever.

Reuters report that Prada have done away with end of season markdowns. They quote co-owner Patrizio Bertelli as saying –

“We decided to stop doing markdowns from 2019 onwards. We believe that this decision is actually going to strengthen the brand’s image and in particular, it’s going to guarantee higher margins for us.”

If you have something of true quality and value, then there is no reason to cut prices to compete with others. only sell high quality items at reasonable prices. We don’t cut corners – and you wouldn’t expect us to cut costs too. Read the full article

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