The Next Step In Yachts - Jet Capsules Are A Thing Of The Present, Thanks To An Italian Design Compa

When you want innovation that is stylish as well as exciting then you need look no further than an Italian company to fulfil all your futuristic dreams. Dreams of a future filled with luxury and style, that is.

Modelled on the sci-fi movie spaceships of our youth, the capsules are available at a cool quartet of a million dollars. It is a yacht without all of the expensive maintenance that comes with the traditional seafaring vehicle.

Italian engineering and design companies are taking massive strides into the future with new products and ideas coming out of the nation all the time. But why wouldn’t that happen? Italian have led the way for centuries or more with new ideas in terms of art, travel and clothing among others.

We have built a reputation for coming up with amazing ideas – and then putting these ideas into practice. From the concept drawings of Leonardo da Vinci all those centuries ago to the jet capsules of today. This article looks at the details of this new craft and how it has gone from concept to reality.

Science fiction is now science fact. And, as is often the case, you have an Italian company to thank for that.


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