Looking For Stylish Jewellery? Look No Further Than This Italian Jeweller.

The Vicenzaoro Jewelry fair attracts top names from around the world. And one of the names that has lit up this colossal event is that of Anna Maccieri Rossi. She was born and bred in Italy, and you can see the style this brings in every piece.

That’s what we do. Italian designers just see the lines, shapes and materials that bring beauty to the eye of the beholder. Anna Maccieri Rossi is just one of the exciting Italian jewellery designers taking their craft to the world.

The Vicenzaoro Jewelry fair selects the very best designers for “The Design Room.” This is a handpicked selection of the twelve best from 1,500 independent designers that were at the fair from across the entire world. Anna Maccieri Rossi was one of them.

This article gives you a flavour of the kind of high-end jewellery offered at the fair. If you have any interest at all in things that look bling and beautiful then this is the place to visit. And you will notice that the Italian designers are always at the top of the tree.

That’s the thing, you see. We have an attention to detail that works incredibly well in jewellery design. The craftmanship that has been developed over centuries and passed down from generation to generation can be seen everywhere in the country. Anna Maccieri Rossi is yet another example of that.

Vicenza Oro

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