Theatre Meets Fashion for Italian Interior Designer.

Interior design has been seen as fashion’s poor cousin in the past. But no longer. When you have an Italian on the case, there is wonder to be seen at every turn.

F. Taylor Colantonio has created quite a name for himself. An interior designer to the stars, with a waiting list as long as his arm, he turned his keen eye onto his own apartment. The results are little less than stunning. A flair for fashion and an eye for detail are what you get from this Italian interior designer.

There are statements all over the home, and each fits perfectly with the one before. No stone has been left unturned to deliver a masterclass in Italian design. It’s kind of what we do!

This article shows the images from inside his own home. What you get is a procession of quirky design touches and genuine flair for the fabulous. He has worked in Italy for a number of years, developing his own style along the way.

An eye for the spectacular, F. Taylor Colantonio doesn’t shy away from taking big operatic pieces into the home. And why would he? As the great-grandson of an Italian who emigrated to the USA, he has it in his blood!

F. Taylor Colantonio Design

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