Italian Style Comes to India – in a very big way

The middle classes in India are aching for the best fashion items from across the world. And where is the place they all look to when it comes to the high-end pieces that will transform their wardrobe? Italy of course!

Bulgari have opened their account in India with a two-day trunk show in Chennai – South India’s hottest celebrity and fashion spot. After amazing success in Hyderabad in the past, the Italian fashion brand decided that Chennai was the place they had to visit.

Bulgari epitomise Italian style and luxury. The brand has cemented a reputation for excellence over the last few years. Their watches and jewellery are coveted globally. The event showcased these as well as Bulgari handbags – surely the most sought-after items on display.

As well as other internationally renowned Italian brands, Bulgari have an attention to detail that sets them apart from others. This is why Italian style is sought out right across the world. From the fashion boutiques of Europe to the malls of America, taking in India and the rest of the globe too, people want to own luxury Italian products.

This article looks at some of the items that Bulgari showcased on their two-day trunk show when they took Chennai and the rest of India by storm. When you think Italian fashion, understand that people will desire what you own for the rest of your life.

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