Keeping Alive the Traditions of the Past.

An Italian art shop has seen the light. A flood of the city of Florence, something that happens often there, prompted Zecchi to do something different. At the exact same time, it was doing something that wasn’t that different at all. Let us explain.

The flood back in 1966 took many casualties in terms of art works. It was said at the time that over 1,500 pieces of art were destroyed or damaged. As the clear up started, the art was seen as vital to the character of the city. And a group of volunteers decided to take things into their own hands.

The art had been produced over a number of centuries. In the intervening years, art techniques and supplies had changed dramatically. But if the volunteers were to restore these paintings to the former glory, they would need access to the methods of the past.

Zecchi stood form in the face of change. They stocked the kind of paints and implements that would make restoration of these masterpieces easier.

That’s the thing with Italians. We don’t change something that works because of modern trends. The paint worked perfectly well for masters such as Donatello and Michelangelo. Who were they to try something different when restoring works by these luminaries?

Zecchi are typical of Italians. They researched, scoured the world and came up with the solutions. Italians just find a way of making beautiful things happen. Read the article and found out more.

Zecchi Art Shop

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