What Lengths Will You Go To For Excellence?

The Italian town of Cremona is trying something new in the cause of an old master. They are asking something that Italians find quite difficult – silence!

You see, the Stradivari Foundation are recording the sound of violins for a project. The home of the master violin maker, Antonio Stradivari, want to record the sound of violins using cutting edge microphones. In the streets around the studio they need absolute silence. That’s when they turned to the mayor of the town for help.

To create flawless recordings of the works, the Museo del Violino need the extraneous sounds from the local streets to be clocked out. Soundproofing wasn’t enough when using hypersensitive microphones. The mayor ordered silence and closed the streets around the studio for a number of nights. The result was that the sound engineers could get on with their work in peace – and the results were stunning.

That’s the lengths that Italians go to for their passions. We don’t want a half-finished job. This is what we do. If a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing properly. It’s the same with everything we do. That’s why when you want excellence, call an Italian!

The article goes into more detail, so take a look at what happened, and the characters involved. It typifies Italian dedication to excellence.

Museo del Violino

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