When It Comes To Style, Who Do Celebrities Turn To? Italian Designers, Of Course!

Rita Ora has been setting the world alight with her blend of catchy pop music and fashionable outfits. And looking down to her feet, she knew that what she wanted was something that was classy, elegant and funky – just like herself.

She has teamed up with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti to come up with a range of footwear which stuns and delights in equal measure. It was a match made in heaven. The results are eye-catching, sexy and all that you would expect from a high-end Italian designer.

There is a full range of shoes, from boots to sandals and everything in between. It is the way you want to look and feel when stepping out of the house for work or an evening out. When you want to look like a popstar millionaire, then this is the way to dress.

That’s the deal when you work with an Italian. We always know the little touches and flourishes that make the big differences. It’s like that with everything we do. Looking great is the precursor to feeling great. So, when you want to look and feel free, just take a look at Italian fashion.

Read the article and find out how these two icons came together and built a brand.

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