Micro-Mosaic in Modern Fashion

Do you like to dress yourself to kill? Would you like your wife or significant other to look dashing just like the Victorian noble ladies of the mid-19th Century? If you do, the gold tesserae jewels are available for you to buy. These jewelry represent nobility and royalty. They were first made for the Victorian ladies. At that time, these bracelets could not only be worn but also found with the other ladies who were not of nobility. In addition, these bracelets were expensive and thus a taste of class. Don’t you fancy one?

One of the reasons that this bracelet is a must is due to the micro-mosaic character that the bracelet possesses. The jewels have a unique look. They are made of numerous tiny little grass bricks that have been called ‘tesserae’. These bricks are arranged in mosaic form but have a unique pattern. That pattern cannot be found in any other piece of jewelry. This uniqueness is attributed to the crafter, Sir Arthur Gilbert, who first made the gold Tesserae jewels.

A second reason why the gold tesserae jewels are the most viable option is the fact that they are quite classy. Apart from the fact that they were initially being worn by Victorian ladies, they have a unique classy outlook. The patterns inscribed in them have unique look that can only be described as being classy and worthy. This classy touch has been recognized worldwide and some of the oldest ‘gold Tesserae’ jewels have been kept in the world’s most prestigious museums.

A third reason is the making of the gold tesserae jewels for instance a bracelet. The bracelet has a gold leaf between two very thin sheets of glass. This thin gold leaf and the two sheets of glass have been polished so perfectly in a manner that makes the bracelet the hallmark of perfection. The combination of the gold leaf and the glass sheets makes the unique of the bracelet even more profound.

The last attribute that the Tesserae jewels possess is that they will never fail you. If you want to appear classy and sophisticated, this is the jewelry to go for. If you are attending a dinner party where you expect to meet dignitaries, you should fail to adorn any or some of the pieces of Tesserae jewels. Some of these jewels include rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. With all these, you should not miss or deny her the pleasure of having this jewels in her wardrobe.

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