Are there Mid-range Italian Handbag Designers?

While there are women who spend thousands of dollars every month on high end Italian handbag designers, most women can’t afford it. Instead, women on tighter budgets but still loved Italian handbags often opted for second bags; until Italian designers realized this. Today, there are tens of mid-range designers who make great quality, impressively designed handbags, some which cost as low as $300. With that in mind, your dream to own an Italy made designer handbag can finally become real, but only if you settle for the best.

Rise of Designers

In the last six years, there has been stiff competition in the handbag world. The rise of glamorous but cheap handbags for instance has seen a revolution in how designers make and market their bags. In the US for instance, there have been plenty of designers cropping up with great and affordable designers. This trend has also been similar in Southern America and in Asia, which is why Italian handbag designers had to start aiming for the middle income earner. Fortunately, the quality of mid-range Italian handbags is still top-notch, which is why they are the better option for the middle income woman.

Where to get them

You may ask, where can you get the mid-range priced Italian designer handbags? Well, these bags are currently all over online stores. Just make sure not to limit yourself to the top brand Italian designers. Instead, focus on less known Italian designers, because the crafting will be equally great, and beautiful but at a far better price. If you are planning on visiting Italy on the other hand, mid-priced top designers’ bags can be found in many streets, but unfortunately you can get scammed with a second hand bag if you are not careful.

Variety of Designs

If you are looking for a mid-range Italian designer handbag, you probably would like to see the different designs first. So, yes there are plenty of mid-range leather handbags from Italy crafted with all manner of designs and styles. There even a few exotic leather bags that go for prices slightly higher than $500.

Finally, if your dream is to own a top brand, mid-priced Italian handbag, you can finally get it. Top Italian brands are also focusing on the middle-income earner, and they are not diluting the quality of their designs whatsoever. Instead, they only make the bags smaller, but maintain the top-notch workmanship.

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