4 Things Women Should Know About Italian Leather Handbags

If you have never visited Italy, you have at least heard something about the Italian people. You probably already know great things about their foods, their love for soccer and their beautiful cities. Most women and fashion enthusiasts also know Italy for being the undisputed giant of making high quality leather made handbags. Their makes are unique and beautiful as you will see below. They also have some unique things you should really know about as a woman who loves handbags.

Italy, which is home to some of the leading leather tanning companies in the world does not only lead when it comes to preparing of leather. In fact, Italy has some of the best designers of shoes, clothes, handbags and pretty much anything else you would think of when it comes to fashion. This country is also home to some of the most popular brands in the fashion industry; which is both advantageous and disadvantageous to women around the world. First, it is a great thing to shop for goods made from some of the most competitive brands in the world. However, it can also be confusing to choose the better products in terms of quality.

How leather is graded

The quality of leather used to make your handbag can vary depending on the animal source where the primary material came from. The softness or hardness of texture may also vary depending on which part of the leather hair it came from. If hair from the epidermis part is used to make the interior of your Italian leather handbag for instance, you are likely to get a very soft feeling handbag. The same difference can be noted if the same bag were made from either a calf or from a full grown camel for example.

The Italian handbags made from calf leather would be soft, fine and attractive since the calfskin itself is also smooth and abrasion resistant. The handbag made from camel leather on the other hand would be highly tough and not as soft as the bag from the calf leather. But besides the variants of leather, the levels of tanning, the creativity of the designer and machines used in the industry can highly shape the outcome of a certain type of handbag. Finally, when buying an Italian leather handbag, you definitely don’t have to go asking for the leather source used to make a bag. Instead, the texture, designs and reputation of the maker alone is enough to help you buy a good bag.

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