Why does my Italian leather handbag made in Italy look cheap?

Many people think that since Italy is known for making the best leather handbags, any bag labeled made in Italy is genuine and of high quality. However, don’t be surprised if you shop online for a made in Italy leather bag only to be disappointed by its real quality several days later. So, what hints can you use to know if your Italian leather handbag made in Italy is illegitimate or it is worth your money?

If it is labeled “Replica”

Virtually anything can be replicated these days. Handbags are especially a target for many faux product manufacturers since they are ever on demand. In addition, most women don’t concentrate so much on things like texture while buying handbags. Instead, it is common to find a section of handbag customers only looking for a brand name label, the design and probably the country of origin. Don’t get mistaken however; had bags are not all that bad. There are many good quality Italian leather handbags made in Italy out there, but there are also very bad ones. Be careful with black colored leather handbags or handbags graced with rich jewel tones because it is more difficult to differentiate the real ones from the fakes.

It is not made of leather

It is one thing to find a handbag labeled made in Italy, but is another thing all the same to find a handbag that is really genuine leather and made in a high level of tanning. These days there are scam sellers everywhere. The Internet is so full of cons, and they will label anything on a handbag to make sure people buy them. Sometimes people do confuse silk made texture with the texture of leather, especially if they have no prior experience about these materials. The good thing is that you can easily feel leather texture, because it has a unique smooth feeling that is tougher than silk.

The design is not good

Sometimes it is easy to be carried away by the reputation of the manufacturer or seller and forget to concentrate on what should really matter to you when buying Italian leather handbags made in Italy. In most cases, the shape, color and design of your handbag may actually make your leather handbag look either cheap or expensive. Finally, always clean and maintain your expensive Italian handbag, lest it starts to beat and discolor.

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