4 Tips to Spot Fake Handmade Italian Leather Handbags

It is everyone’s dream to own a collection of handmade Italian leather handbags because of the prestige that comes with it. As many strive to save and purchase these prestigious handbags, there is a rise in scrupulous handbags designers that are developing fake leather bags and selling to unsuspecting customers. The fake is designed in such a way that when placed together with the original one, it is not easy to differentiate. It is sad that after saving to buy your genuine leather bag you end up acquiring a fake one at almost similar price. Don’t fall victim of purchasing fake stuff by considering the following tips when seeking an authentic piece of a designer bag.

  1. Authenticity card; all genuine handmade Italian leather handbags have this cards packed inside the bag in a sealed foil bag. Some are kept in small envelopes with the logo at the front. Confirm this at the store before making any payment because if you can’t find the card, that is the first red flag.

  2. The price; if you in for genuine designer merchandise, be prepared to part with a lot of money because of the quality and value you get in return. The years they have invested in building that brand is what shoots the price up, but the elegance that comes with it is not comparable. If you come across a lower price on a handbag that seems high end, don’t count yourself lucky to acquire one at that price. As usual, the cheap turns expensive in the long run. You will take it and within a short period it is already fading off and parts peeling off. You should not complain because that is the quality you paid for.

  3. Signature logo; all genuine handmade Italian leather handbags have a signature logo. With many designers in the market, it is important to stitch the logo on the bags as a sign of communicating to your customers and letting them know your current brand in the market and avoid confusing with other products. The logo cannot be peeled off because it is woven into the fabric unless you cut it off with some part of the fabric. You won’t find something like this on fake designer handbags.

  4. Pockets, labels, and stitching; always pay attention to this three features on a designer bag. As the original designers work from scratch, fake ones are busy developing the same using photographs. It is easy to leave out or capture all details in such work thus making it easy to spot fake ones. The labels in most instances are misspelled, and those buying in a hurry won’t notice. The stitches are not aligned, and the pockets are in most cases not at the right place.

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