How to Clean an Italian Handbag

While Italian handbags are arguably the best in the world, there are not immune to wear and tear. There are also not immune to dust and dirt. But as the owner who probably paid a hefty price to get a dream handbag from Italy, you tought to take care of it well every day. Stick with me in the next few minutes as we have a look at how you can clean the handbag as well as maintain it to ensure that it lasts for the longest time possible.

Although the modern day fast paced way of life makes handbags get so dirty, most people don’t actually notice it. However, cleaning a leather handbag is actually very easy. With some liquid soap bottle at hand, cleaning the exterior of your Italian handbag can be fast. It actually works so well since leather can be shiny and soft on the outside. But as you mix the soap with warm water, ensure that you always have a soft piece of cloth to help with the cleaning. After some minutes you can then buff dry the handbag with a dry piece of cloth. And also take caution note to expose it to hot sunlight; otherwise it may get worn out faster than you could think of.

The interiors are the other sections that need thorough cleaning as well. The fact that you put all your items as you travel inside makes them get dirtier more often than the exterior. The first thing to do here is to empty the bag off all items. Those edgy parts that appear hard to reach are often the dirtiest of them all, and thus they should be the spots to pay special attention to. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you may gently direct it towards these edgy parts so that it sucks all the dirt hidden in there. Once done, you may go back to the soft piece of cloth cleaning that you did with the exterior parts.

Some forms of dirt, such ink paints may require more than a soft touch with a piece of cloth. Ink paints specifically require a cotton swab dipped into alcohol and then gently rubbed across the inked parts. But for overall durability, reconditioning your Italian handbag with vinegar and linseed oil pastes from time to time can give it the new look even after five years of serving you.

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