Why your next bag should be handmade and Italian

Italian handbags have always been the first choice thanks to superior design, higher quality leather and inimitable sense of style but in the 21st century what is it that makes Italian bags stand out and why should you should make sure your next handbag is handmade Italian? Because, in short, the Italians use better materials and go further to create the perfect handbag.

A Different Mentality Underpinning Design

Italians have always pushed things forward when it comes to handbag design. They even breed special cows to get the very best leather. This is what established the Italians as leaders in leather goods – not just handbags but jackets and shoes as well. It is this mentality of trying new materials and new methods that makes Italians the leaders in global fashion instead of mere followers.

Wider Range of Materials for Better Bags

As well as cow hide, Italians use ostrich, crocodile and snake skin to make their handbags. We know that this isn’t for everybody and we can understand concerns around animal welfare, but we cannot deny the innovation and excellent quality of the end products.

Ostrich Skin Handbags

Ostrich skin is becoming increasingly popular with Italian designers because it allows for vibrant colors that other materials cannot withstand. It is also more malleable than other leather types, meaning that the design is often better. It also has the benefit of being naturally waterproof. Ostrich skin is so strong that an ostrich skin handbag can last up to the 30 years, whereas standard cowhide will last only 5 or 6 years.

It is also relatively expensive, not to mention different, which adds a certain allure for those who want an element of exclusivity. Ostrich skin is associated with luxury and elegance and the Italian designers make good use of it.

Crocodile Skin

The world’s most expensive handbag, sold in June 2015 for $225,000, is made from crocodile, which tells you that this material is supremely high quality. It will always be controversial but that only adds to the mystique of this exclusive leather. The rarity factor alone makes this is an expensive and exclusive material. Crocodile leather is durable and yet very soft. Gucci and Bottega Veneta are known for using crocodile skin in their products.

Snake Skin

Snake skin is favoured for its distinctive patterning that cannot be found anywhere else and cannot be replicated (at least not to a high standard). It enjoys exclusivity and luxury status thanks to its price, which stems from its rarity and cost of production. They also look superb. Fontanelli, Ghibli and Bottega Veneta are known for their snakeskin handbags, python being the preferred choice.

The reality is that Italians use a wider range of leather materials are understand how to manipulate them into stunning looking handbags. They continue to use these materials and employ the superior craftsmanship that accompanies them where others have limited themselves to standard leathers like cow hide. If you want the best materials, you are looking at ostrich, snake and crocodile skins. And if you want those, you really have to choose Italian designers.

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