Getting Rid of Stains on Your Italian Messenger Bag

Italian messenger bags have come with a unique style to both men and women who are looking for easy ways to carry their items. As some bag designs are likely to spoil your style, and eventually your set mood, Italian Leather Handbags Made in Italy are an exception. The leather straps and convenient pockets are what makes this brand unisex, and a must have accessory in your wardrobe. They are handcrafted using leather and provides a broad range of options to users with different engagements. You are assured to stand out from the rest on your daily engagements, and you remain organized. Whether large or small and a wide range of color to choose from, the quality remains excellent in whatever choice you settle for. With time, you are likely to spot stains on the bag and can be depressing if you consider that it may fade in the process of cleaning the spots. Worry not, below are some of the methods to will help you get rid of particular spots on your Italian messenger bag safely.

Tarter and lemon juice paste; create a paste using the two and apply on the stain for about 10 minutes. Using a damp cloth, wipe off the paste and dry the area with a clean cloth. In case there is still some residue at the spot, soak a towel in mild soap with warm water and clean off the area. This method is effective on blood and food stains.

Removing mud; in a case of mud stain on your Italian messenger bag, it should be wiped off immediately. Depending on the stain's size, you can use a brush or a wet towel to remove the wet mud before it dries on your leather bag. Don't waste time panicking and wondering which step to take. This is an easy step that can be done anywhere even when away from your house.

Freezing; this is done in case the bag is stained with gum or tax. The purse or bag with such stains is subjected to freezing temperatures for some hours. The low temperatures harden the wax you intend to scrap off. Once you feel it has hardened enough, you remove from the freezer and peel off the stain. Few traces of the wax likely to remain on the bag can be scratched off using a washing brush or your fingernail.

Such simple steps will ensure your Italian messenger bag remains spotless and maintains its original color even after getting rid of them.

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