6 Reasons your briefcase should be an Italian leather briefcase

There a variety of briefcase styles available. Options include hardback briefcases, softback, metal, leather, synthetic and more. The Italian leather briefcase is a category all by itself – and depending on your requirements, could be perfect for you. Here are 6 reasons your briefcase should be an Italian leather briefcase.

The standard Executive Briefcase is a Thing of the Past

The standard leather executive briefcase was much loved by businessmen the world over but in 2015 it is very much passé. It’s heyday was in the 1980s and by the 2000s it was already starting to look dated. Now, it is decidedly old-fashioned. Why is this relevant? Because the Italian leather briefcase is the 21st century replacement and perfect for businessmen – both young and old.

You need Flexibility

An Italian Leather Briefcase provides flexibility for all occasions. The limits of standard briefcases are that they are too formal for any situation other than the office. An Italian leather briefcase can be used formally and informally, both at the office and a casual lunch. Do you have drinks after work or a date? An Italian leather briefcase is just the ticket and will look great in any situation.

Commuting and Comfort

For those of us who have long commutes on the train or subway, we need something comfortable. We need a nice comfortable handle and a leather strap which makes the briefcase easy to hold and carry – Italian leather briefcases offer both. The shoulder strap also means you can have a more casual style, as well as a more formal style with the handle.

Vintage Style Meets Modernity

The great thing about Italian leather briefcases is that they are timeless. The style is vintage, although many will have more up to date finish. The great thing about Italian leather briefcases is that they never go out of style. Whether it’s new or old, they remain fashionable regardless of current trends.

They look better than any other Briefcase

They simpler look better. Italian Leather briefcases offer the same styling, design and attention to detail as a pair of Italian shoes or clothing. The construction of briefcases by leading Italian brands like Chiarugi, Fontanelli and Robe di Firenze is second to none, with the briefcases themselves being pieces of art. Standard briefcases focus only on functionality whilst leather Italian briefcases place equal importance on style.

They are highly Practical

Italian leather briefcases are great for transporting papers, documents, laptops and tablets, pens and even your lunch. They are every bit as practical as standard hardback briefcases but come with the benefit of being appropriate for a wider range of situations.

Since the executive hardback briefcase fell out of favour, men have struggled to find an alternative work bag that is smart enough for the office without being overly formal for other occasions. Many men resort to ugly backpacks, laptop bags or inadequate folders. The obvious solution is the Italian leather briefcase which combines practicality, style, flexibility and comfort. It’s not easy for men to find a bag that they feel comfortable with, but this is the perfect option.

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