Why Every Woman Needs Handmade Italian Shoes

Every woman needs to own at least one pair of handmade Italian shoes. It’s a standard requirement of any discerning fashionista’s wardrobe and yes, they aren’t always cheap but handmade Italian shoes have a glorious ability to be timeless and transcend the vagaries of fleeting fashion trends.

They Can Last Forever

Handmade Italian shoes are built to last. Unlike mass produced models, they are designed to last decades and to be repaired rather than thrown away. Italian shoemakers still operate with a traditional view of shoemaking. Going back several decades shoe were expensive, so people expected them to last. Whilst most producers have moved onto cheaper methods, handmade Italian designers still stick to this idea. In practical terms this means the best leather, fewer synthetic parts and stronger construction. Therefore, whilst handmade Italian shoes will never be cheap, they can be a sound investment. Spending $50 on a pair shoes that last just a year is false economy. Whilst some of the higher price tags of handmade Italian shoes may make your eyes water, the savings over the years are significant.

Salvatore Ferragamo

If you’re wondering why women should buy handmade Italian shoes, this name alone is a sufficient answer. When Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe wear your shoes, you know you’re doing something right. One of the defining shoemakers of the last century, the brand is still going strong and still making some of the most sublime shoes in the world. Ferragamo is typical of Italian shoemakers in that shoemaking in Italy isn’t a profession, it’s not even a craft, but an art form. Even today, the design trumps all else - which will become evident when you try to navigate the brand’s inexcusably bad website which, in its own way, is strangely reassuring. For the latest models, check out the Vara Pump and the Platform Pump – design like this simply doesn’t exist outside of few Italian designers and you have to see it to understand it. Before you balk at the $695 price tag, just take a look.

They are more comfortable

There is a common misconception about high-heeled shoes: that they are inevitably uncomfortable. This is true only of poor quality shoes. Italian hand-made shoes are comfortable thanks to genuine leather uppers (cheaper variants have synthetic uppers), malleable leather from better quality cow hide which adapts to your foot better and better design stemming from more effort spent on understanding the anatomy of the foot. Italian shoemaking is passed on from generation to generation, and part of this is understanding how to craft a comfortable shoe that adapts to your feet.

Handmade Italian shoes are a luxury – there’s no doubt about it. Yes, they can be more cost-effective in the long run than their cheaper counterparts but having that kind of cash at any one time is an issue. But if you can commit the cash to a pair of handmade Italian shoes, do it. Aside from long term savings, you get superior comfort and exquisite styling. A mere blog cannot do justice to the likes of Ferragamo, Gucci or Prada. They have to be seen to be believed.

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