Why every man needs an Italian Messenger bag

It is not always easy for men to choose an everyday bag that they are comfortable with and that is also practical

Men and bags do not tend to go together easily. Bags are considered by many men to be feminine or simply a burden to carry round. In an age where briefcases have long gone out of fashion, what do businessmen use to carry documents and other items? As ever, we can learn a lot from the Italians.

Death of the Briefcase

A gentleman carrying a briefcase to work was once a common sight, but nowadays businessmen are more likely to be seen with no bag at all or an inelegant alternative such as a backpack. The things carried around in briefcases haven’t disappeared, so what are men doing? The reality is in the 21st century, the modern businessman has no viable options for transporting documents, pens, laptops or tablets.

The Italian Messenger Bag

There is a modern day version of the briefcase. It is the Italian Messenger Bag. It combines the elegance of a formal briefcase with the style of an Italian artisan item. Whilst sufficiently formal for the suited businessman to use for work, it offers a slightly more casual aesthetic suitable for the 21st century.

Combining Casual with Formal

Italian messenger bags are the perfect balance between formal and casual. A high quality leather bag exudes quality and will be suitable for any formal occasion, but with a more artisan look and feel than a briefcase, it is less stuffy and more individual. Sling it over the shoulder for a casual look or hold like briefcase for a smarter effect. It is the perfect accessory for the modern businessman.

Not Just For Businessman but For the Modern Man

Not just the perfect choice for businessmen, the Italian Messenger bag is ideal for any man looking for a greater degree of style beyond a backpack. A high quality messenger bag is ideal for all men, whether you’re a student carrying books to class, a barman travelling to work or a high flying executive on his way to a board meeting.

Leather provides a variety of Styles

The advantage of leather is that it can be crafted in a variety of ways. Italian leather messenger bags, therefore, range from the formal to the casual. There are brown vintage designs with a worn appearance for an excellent retro look. There are smart black designs with polished metal clasps and buckles that are formal and professional – and everything in between.

Men tend be very wary about the bags they carry. They are often self-conscious when it comes to bags, as they are considered a very feminine accessory. The reality is though, that Italian men pull this off with aplomb, and where Italians blaze trails, the rest of us tend to follow – and rightly so. The Italian messenger bag is set to become a standard item for men for two simple reasons: it is a fantastic way to add style and they make everyday life a little easier.

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