What is so special about Handmade Italian Shoes?

Some products come with a reputation for excellence. A reputation that is built over decades can mean a brand or product becomes synonymous with quality. Handmade Italian shoes are an excellent example. But how exactly have handmade Italian shoes earned this reputation for exceptional quality?

It's all in the Material and Build Quality

As mentioned in another of our blog posts, the quality of leather is simply superior. Italian shoe makers use leather from specially bred cows. This kind of leather is better, more malleable and harder wearing. Good shoes are made to last a lifetime, literally. Today’s mass produced, cheap shoes, are not. If you don’t believe me, just ask your grandfather. Handmade Italian shoes are just made better and stronger.

Artisan Craftsmanship

All shoe manufacturers have design departments, including mass producers. But the difference between the cheap shoes available in your local outlet store and handmade Italian brands is the time, dedication and care that goes into designing and producing them. Shoes that are mass produced are designed with only one thing in mind – to appeal to a broad market in order to make a profit. Craftsmanship from the likes of Prada, Fermani and Zanotti are interested in creating art – they design for the sake of creating beauty, not solely to make money. Needless to say, the end product is very different.

Legendary Brands

Many Italian fashion houses and shoemakers are legendary. There is an exceptional history behind these brands that stretches back many decades. Most have gone from unknown boutique cobblers operating in backstreet workshops to illustrious fashion icons that dress film stars and aristocrats. And yet despite world-wide fame of Italian shoemakers and couture houses, the artisan spirit never dissipates. The concept of style over practicality never fades, and the unique personal stories remain. A little known, provincial shoemaker called Bruno Magli would become an Italian icon through association with Sophia Loren and Cristian Onassis who discovered his spectacular shoes. It is stories that like this that make an individual pair of shoes portray an entire lifestyle, image and attitude.

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