Why Handmade Italian Bags are the Best

We all love handmade Italian handbags. We know they are the best and for us real aficionados, nothing comes close. Even the most ardent Chanel fan will not argue that an Italian leather handbag is utterly sublime but what is it about them that is so great?

Especially Reared Cows

Yes, the leather used for Italian handbags tends to come from specially reared cows. Most leather goods use cow hide from farming cattle – the hide being a by-product of an animal destined for the dinner table. The Italians, however, in their own inimitable style, use cows chosen especially for the hide. Leather from certain breeds lends itself more favourably for leatherwear, and the Italians being Italians do not accept anything less than il migliore (the best). Such cows are fed on a certain diet that encourages favourable qualities in their hide which makes them perfect for high-end hand bags and other leather goods. Rolls Royce use it in their cars and the Italians use it for their handbags. Sublimely English and quintessentially Italian – makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Design is Second to None

Designers like Fendi, Prada, and Bottega Veneta have something others simply don’t. These brands combine exquisite styling, construction quality and the finest materials. When the bag is built better with superior material, you get a better bag.

Capturing the Quintessence of an Entire Brand

An Italian leather handbag is a distilled version of the entire brand. A high quality Italian leather handbag combines all the elements of a legendary Italian fashion house and concentrates them in one small, exquisite item. When done right, the entire legacy of the brand is packed into this purified accessory and becomes an instantly recognisable hallmark of the designer. This is the reason people go crazy for Italian leather handbags – because they capture so perfectly what it is about the brand that is so special and presents it in a unique and gorgeous little package. It is the quintessence of the fashion house and allows you to have decades of history of an iconic brand in your hand or slung over your shoulder.

This is the point at which handbags go from being an accessory to a piece of art. And that is a very special thing indeed.

You Can't Rationalize why Some Things are so Good

When it comes to design, you cannot always express or rationalize why a handmade Italian bag is so good. Like all obvious, immutable things, it simply is. It is beyond explanation, logic or any rationale.

Yes, French bags from Dior and Chanel are divine but nothing will ever compare to the great Italian handbag designers. No other nation inspires such creativity and instinctive style; it is the natural tendency to have life reflect art at every step, no matter how illogical, impractical or unrealistic. It is the instinct to place design above everything else and the ability to find beauty in the smallest details where others cannot. This is why handmade Italian bags are simply without rival.

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