What's your choice? Niche Marketing or Mass Marketing

If you have a product under the brand ‘Made in Italy’, which marketing strategy would you prefer? Niche marketing or mass marketing have been employed by business entities for years as distinct marketing strategies.

Niche marketing involves the marketing of one’s products under the radar of their competitors. This strategy is used in cases where a company wants to market its product via labels in their products. This marketing product strategy has been said to work best after the company has established a market for its products.

Mass marketing, on the other hand, involved the advertisement of products and services via media platforms such as TVs, newspapers, internet videos and other media.

Adoption of any of these two marketing methods depends on the type of the product one is dealing with. Products that use the ‘Made in Italy’ brand are known to be products which have a connection to Italy. These products are usually exotic and of notably high quality. Of these two marketing methods, niche marketing would be the best since the products have been in the market for quite a while. This is in conformity with the Swahili proverb that alludes to the fact that good things do not market themselves but bad things do. However, if the products were of low quality mass marketing would be ideal. However, I do not mean that all products sold via mass media adverts are of questionable quality.

A second consideration to make when advertising ‘Made in Italy’ products is the market audience that is targeted. For instance, if the company intends to market its products in Italy or other European countries where such products have gathered quite a reliable market, niche marketing is preferred. However, if the company targets market in one of the African countries mass media is preferred where the media shows the persons targeted the products in question, their characteristic identification and other properties.

Mass marketing would work since most of the persons targeted have not seen or even heard of the products in question. When mass marketing has sensitized people of the products, niche marketing takes over. The essence of niche marketing is to ensure that the company develops trust in their customers via the products they sell. For trust to be developed, the intended customers must be given time to use the product and access its efficacy and consumability.

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